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Protect your skin

It’s great being outdoors enjoying our beautiful country and climate. From the beach to the bush, being outdoors gives us a chance to be active, enjoy fresh air and spend time with others.

But being outdoors in Australia means we’re exposed to some of the harshest and most dangerous levels of ultraviolet radiation (UV) in the world.

UV radiation can’t be seen or felt and can be harmful on warm, sunny days as well as on cool, cloudy days. The more skin is exposed to UV radiation, the greater the risk of damage and skin cancer.

If you notice your skin starts to change colour – what people often call a ‘tan’ – that’s a clear sign that damage is being done. Whenever the UV Index hits 3 or above it’s important to cover up to protect your skin.

No matter your age, when you cover up your skin, you create a barrier between yourself and UV radiation. You can cover your skin by wearing a hat, clothing and sunglasses. Apply sunscreen to any parts of skin you can’t cover with clothing. Enjoy shady areas outdoors to give you extra coverage.