The My Mentor Program is a compulsory component of each student’s College Learning Program, Years 9 to 12 inclusive. An individual report is included in each student semester report set.

The ‘My Mentor’ program was established due to the success of the Home Group Teacher structure which operated within the year 7 and 8 program.

The Home Group Teacher structure within the learning programs in these year levels embeds processes that allow for increased contact time between a significant adult and individual students.

Mordialloc College school-based data for these year levels confirms improved learning behaviours, motivation to learn, improved attendance and a decrease in student management issues.

Acknowledging current research that identifies positive teacher/student relationships as integral to improved student wellbeing, learning and retention, the College recognised the need to develop a program to provide teachers and students in the senior years with opportunities to build and develop significant relationships.

As such, the ‘My Mentor’ program has been implemented for students in Years 9 to 12 inclusive.

RATIONALE: Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders


The ‘My Mentor’ Program will provide Mentor teachers and a group of students with regular contact opportunities within which to develop:
– Significant personal and social learning and self-assessment skills
– Goal setting and reflection on their academic results
– Reflective learning portfolios
– Pathways and careers education
– Preparation for student run ‘Student Led Conferences.’

Program outline and aims

  • The ‘My Mentor’ program will be based on ‘Quality’ processes and principles and embed Restorative Practices.
  • Mentors and students will use ‘Quality’ tools to develop a collaborative learning culture within their group and will use Restorative Circle work to build and develop positive relationships.
  • Mentors and students will systematically work through the structured program with the aim of developing reflective student learning portfolios that demonstrate evidence of each individual student’s learning journey throughout the year.
  • The ‘My Mentor’ program will include activities that investigate student’s Emotional Quotient (EQ), learning styles, strengths, needs and learning goals.


  • Mentors will be teachers outside of the Years 7 and 8 Programs.
  • Mentors will work with a horizontally-structured group students.
  • Weekly My Mentor Sessions.
  • Mentor teachers will deliver a consistent, structured program and will receive regular professional learning to support them to facilitate the program in weekly mentoring sessions throughout the year.
  • Student Led Parent Conferences’ replace the parent-teacher interview process in Term 3. Individual students will run conferences with their Mentor teacher in attendance to facilitate the conversation.