Student wellbeing

The Director of Student Wellbeing leads our student care program which includes a school nurse, school chaplain and visiting psychologist. This ensures that students have individual guidance and advice when they need it.

Resources are available to assist young people and parents in matters concerning the general welfare of students.

Students may have emotional or social problems which may affect their wellbeing. They and parents are invited to discuss these problems with the Home Group Teacher/Mentor/Year Level Coordinators or the Director of Student Wellbeing.

After obtaining parental approval, referral may be made to the DET School Support Staff. The Director of Student Wellbeing also organises special programs with many of the welfare organisations in our district.

If, through economic circumstances, students cannot acquire school uniform or books or cannot participate fully in the school program, the school may be able to assist. Parents should contact our Director of Student Wellbeing who will treat these requests confidentially.

Home Group Teacher

The Home Group Teacher is the student’s significant teacher allocated at Years 7–8.

The purpose of the Home Group Teacher is to strengthen the student’s connectedness and belonging to the school and ensure a positive learning environment for the child.

College Nurse

Mordialloc College has a school nurse, Carly Schreiber, who is in the College twice a week. The nurse is a member of the team which works to improve the health and wellbeing of students.

The nurse is available for individual confidential counselling about health issues. She is also involved in health education in classes and undertakes health promotion activities.

College Chaplain

Mordialloc College has a school chaplain — Linda Walsh, who is in the College twice a week.

Linda is a member of the student wellbeing team which works to support and improve the health and wellbeing of students. Linda is available for individual counselling and will also be involved in the delivery of proactive wellbeing programs operating across the College.