The College is set in expansive and idyllic grounds and gardens.

Many areas of the College have undergone significant redevelopment providing outstanding resources to the College community.

These facilities include:

  • refurbished adaptable Year 7 and 8 learning spaces
  •  student wellbeing and international student facilities
  • the ICT/multimedia rich student resource hub
  • a technology-rich Discovery Centre for Science
  • a new Performing Arts building
  • a new PE/Sports Stadium and Physiology lab
  • a senior study centre providing a dedicated area for VCE students.

Under construction in 2021 with 8.5 million of state government funding, a new two-storey Year 7 and 8 Learning Centre, and creation of a Senior School precinct at the current year 7 end of the school.

Discovery Centre

This is a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art fully equipped Science building housing four technology-rich laboratories. Students from year 7 to 12 access the Centre to undertake a range of Science-related programs.


Students entering Year 7 – 12 are expected to bring their own device.

Students should also be familiar with and adhere to the College’s Digital Technologies Policy (Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices). This can be found in the College Policies list.

Please contact the eLearning & ICT Manager, Mr Simon Belluzzo, for further information.

Digital projectors and/or flat-screen TV displays are available for use in every classroom across the College.