Due to placement availability, currently we are not able to offer enrolment to Out of Zone applicants. Zone boundaries can be found at https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/

Each year the College receives a large number of enrolment enquiries and we encourage prospective parents and students to participate in the Open Night Events, College tours and other information programs.

Initially, you should telephone the College on 9580 1184 where you can register your interest and complete an enrolment enquiry over the phone by suppling the student’s name, current year level, current school, and the reason for wanting to enrol. You will also be asked to send to our admin Team your child’s most recent school reports and a copy of your child’s birth certificate/passport as well as proof of in zone address – this can be a copy of a gas/electricity bill or contract of sale/lease.

This information is then passed on to an Assistant Principal. We will then contact you to inform you when we are able to move forward with the enrolment and if so make an appointment to discuss with an Assistant Principal.

In the event that the parents are separated, written consent to enrol the child should be provided by the parent with whom the child is not normally living.

Families will be notified as soon as possible following assessment of their enrolment applications; however, delays of 2 weeks may occur during busy periods.

School rules and policies

A condition of enrolment is adherence to the school rules and school policies.

It is expected that all students adhere to the Student Code of Conduct that develops respect and understanding for others and themselves.

The school values of Personal Best, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility are the foundation for building a safe learning environment. These values define our expectations and provide clear direction to ensure a positive learning environment, both in words and in actions.

The compulsory Uniform Policy provides a sense of identity and fosters pride in the College.

The Director of Student Wellbeing leads our student care program which includes a school nurse, school chaplain, mental health practitioner, youth worker and visiting psychologist. This ensures students have individual guidance and advice when they need it.