International Student Program Update

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Excursion to The LUME

On Wednesday 25 October 2024, our international students had an excursion to the LUME. We all had a very great experience.

Here is some encouraging feedback  from our students:

Dylan: The LUME was the 3D Art Gallery. There I saw many works about Aboriginals. I thought it was very interesting. The 3D Art Gallery showed 3 parts: ‘sky country’ ‘water country’ ‘our country’. I was stunned that the natural environment is very important to Aboriginal people. This art exhibition gave me a deep understanding of the art culture of the indigenous people and their deep feelings for nature. The lights and sound effects brought me into their magical world. It is so amazing that we can still use paintings or symbols to convey information without instructions from words. What a magical thing it is.

Maika: We went to The Lume, where we saw the Aboriginals’ artwork. The Lume looks very gorgeous. I took some pictures here with my classmates. The artwork in The Lume showed realistic images of desert, animals, plants, and the way Aboriginals danced to some interesting music. Finally, we went back to school at 2.20 pm. I think Yarra River is cool, it was attractive to me straight away. Also, I like the 3D artwork in The Lume. One of the things that made me surprised was lying on the sofa.I love the colour always changing around the artwork. I hope I will have a second chance to visit The Lume.

Sena: The Lume is a 3D Art Gallery. It was LED art. The movement was smooth and beautiful. The Aboriginal art was displayed. I think that I should learn about Aboriginal culture. I think Aboriginal culture has many good points. I think every culture has its own good things. I think that culture can be good for China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other ethnic groups. Learning about culture is very good to know about the world, and it is very interesting. So, I want to learn about different cultures.

Last day of EAL class

On the 3rd of November, Y10 and Y11  international students finished their last class of EAL (English Additional Language).

Thank you Ms Podesser, the class teacher, for all your hard work and effort throughout the year. We wish all the students good luck for their exam.

End of Year Reflection

On Tuesday, all our junior international students prepared and recorded their End of Year Reflection. We sent the videos to the parents accordingly.

Ms Podesser’s had the inspired idea of letting those students who will transition from ILC to mainstream deliver their presentations in front of Ms Ireson’s Year 8 mainstream students. There was a great deal of constructive interaction between the students who enjoyed comparing their different experiences of education in different cultural environments.

We really appreciate our local students’ patience, engagement  and politeness. This is a great opportunity for our students to meet local students.

Qun Joan Mao

International Student Coordinator