Farewell to the Class of 2023

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To celebrate the achievements of our Year 12 students, on Tuesday 17 October we held our final assembly in the gym, with many of our Year 12 parents in attendance to recognise this significant occasion – the conclusion of six years of secondary schooling. Given the size of our College now, instead of it being a whole school assembly, we could only make it for Years 9 – 12 students, to allow for having enough space for our parents to sit. In future years with our even bigger student cohorts, we will be returning to a whole school assembly with just students and staff, with the Valedictory Dinner being the main celebratory event for parents.

The Year 12 Cohort started here in 2018 as Year 7 students. After two years of transitioning into and out of remote learning during Years 9 and 10, it is wonderful to be able to congratulate all students who have stayed the distance to complete their final two years onsite in either the VCE University pathway or VCE Vocational Major pathway. They have worked to the best of their ability with our emphasis on high expectations in everything we do, with the support of their fantastic teachers. The final year of school is challenging, and it has required students to be resilient and to persevere over the journey, no matter what challenges have been presented to them, and they have all demonstrated that it is achievable, responding in a positive way and we are all proud of them.

On behalf of the whole College Community, I would like to wish all Year 12 students every success for the examination period, which will begin on Tuesday 24 October, with the English exam. I am confident they will all achieve the VCE or VM results they deserve and have worked towards all year with much persistence. No matter what their pathway on leaving Mordialloc, if they continue to strive to achieve the best they can, while pursuing something they are truly passionate about, they can be satisfied.

I would like to congratulate all our Year 12 Leaders who were part of the Mordialloc College Student Council this year. Amelia and Jeremy as School Captains, Reema and Jordan as Vice-Captains, Kathryn and Matilda for performing arts, Eva for visual arts, Nina and Lewis for sport, Ava and Jordan for promotions and fundraising, Tenilla and Fay for community and wellbeing, Amelia and Jeremy for Facilities and Environment, Reema and Jessica for Curriculum and our house captains, Bella, Tia, Thomas, Oceana, Liam, Gabbi, Dylan, Michael, Ulyana, Amber, Henry and Isikeli. They have all been proactive leaders for our school formulating and following through on their respective action plans focused on greater student connectedness and student voice for improvement and have worked to the best of their ability in managing the challenges of combining Year 12 studies with the responsibilities of student leadership.

After the assembly all Year 12 students attended a celebration excursion at gravity zone for the rest of the day. From Wednesday 18 October to Friday 20 October Year 12 classes will continue to run. From the week of Monday 23 October, students can still attend school and meet with their teachers right up until each of their exams. Teachers will be running revision classes and/or one on one sessions for their students during their usual timetabled class and will also be available at other times throughout each day if students would like to meet with them. We hope students will take advantage of this additional help if required in the lead up to each exam. The senior school centre also provides a quiet place to study if students struggle to concentrate at home.

Another big event, the Valedictory night is to be held this year after the final exam period on Tuesday 21 November at Cathies Lane Receptions in Wantirna South. This night will be an opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to get together in a formal setting to reflect on the past year and recognise the achievements of our Year 12 students. The class of 2023 have made a wonderful contribution to our school, and we are proud of all of our students. I would like to thank Director of Senior School Susan Cochrane, Year 12 Coordinator Tim Randell, VM Coordinator, Susan Cochrane, Pathways Coordinator Emma White, Assistant Principal Tracey Bastin, Senior School Assistant Karen Dewberry, our Wellbeing team, and all of our Year 12 teachers who have all worked tirelessly to support our Year 12 students this year.

Ms Michelle Roberts