School Council

The Mordialloc College Council consists of seven elected parent representatives, four elected Department of Education and Training (DET) employees, the Principal and two co-opted community members.

The duties of the School Council are to:
(a) determine the general educational policy of the school within the Guidelines issued by the Minister
(b) exercise a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensure that they are kept in good order and condition
(c) make recommendations considered necessary for the improvement of buildings and grounds
(d) ensure that all moneys coming into the hands of the Council are expended for proper purposes
(e) carry out any other prescribed duties
(f) promote the image of the school.

School Council members

Mordialloc College Council Membership 2023

  • DET: Michelle Roberts (Principal); Tracey Bastin (Assistant Principal); Simon Cummins (Acting Assistant Principal); Rachael Stone (Assistant Principal)
  • Community: Rosa Westrup; Amelia Davidson (School Captain); Jeremy Thai-Chan (School Captain)

  • Parent: Ian Fox (President); Jason Allen (Vice President); Stuart Kerr (Treasurer); Richard Evans; Mirela Karup; Amelia Mastorakos; David Shepard

  • Student: Bonnie Blinco; Tallain Connell

The School Council meets at 5:00pm on a Thursday, twice a term.

  • 16 Febuary 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 16 March 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 18 May 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 15 June 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 10 August 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 7 September 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 9 November 5.00pm
    Conference Room at the College
  • 6 December 5.00pm (Wednesday)
    Conference Room at the College

Parent interviews with teachers and Principal

Parents may discuss their child’s progress and/or behaviour at any time with the Year Level Coordinator. Any question of school policy should be discussed with the Principal.

Parents are asked to phone the College (9580 1184) to make an appointment and, on arrival at the school, to call at the General Office where staff will locate the appropriate person.

Parent/teacher contact

Parents are encouraged to have contact with teachers on a regular basis.


Reporting to students and parents will clearly communicate student learning, progress and achievement and will provide recommendations which assist the student’s future learning.  It will also foster co-operation and encourage communication between parents, teachers and students concerning the student’s progress.

Reporting should take place on a regular basis and encourage students to take a proactive role in their learning and improvement and include:

  • Continuous release of assessments throughout the year
  • Progress checks are conducted via Compass three times during each semester, approximately every five weeks.
  • Detailed end of Semester reports provided at the end of Terms 2 and 4
  • Meetings between staff, students and parents arranged as required
  • Years 7 – 12 Parent Teacher Interviews in Terms 1 and 3 along with Year 7 – 9 Student Led Conferences (with parent present) in Term 4
  • Information sessions related to curriculum and assessment procedures, at various times throughout the year.