College Leadership Team 2023

We value the voice of our students and offer extensive leadership opportunities, including College and Middle School Captains, Sport, Curriculum, Promotions and Fundraising, Facilities and Environment,  The Arts, Visual and Performing, Community and Wellbeing, as well the four House Captains, and an active Mordialloc College Student Council (MCSC).

The MCSC consists of six Sub-committees:

– Community and Wellbeing
– Curriculum
– Facilities and Environment
Promotions and Fundraising
– The Arts, Visual and Performing
– Sports

These sub-committees are lead by a Yr 12 Captain and represented by students from Years 7-12.

MCSC members are actively involved in organising many activities around the school to promote student engagement as well as many whole school fundraising events where the proceeds are donated to charities chosen by the subcommittee involved. MCSC members also represent their peers when evaluating learning programs, making suggested improvements, and all other aspects of their school environment. 

There are many opportunities for students to gain and show skills in leadership. Leadership through all the different representative bodies that are available to students at Mordialloc College facilitates growth as young active members of our communities. 

There is also an expectation that all VCE students are role models for the younger members of the school community.


College Captains

Amelia Davidson
Jeremy Thai-Chan

College Vice Captains Reema Ababneh
Jordan Shenouda
Sports Captains Nina Davis
Lewis Hatch
Performing Arts Captain Katherine Papadopoulos
Matilda Harwood
Community and Wellbeing Tenillia Tong
Cassandra Lawson
Visual Arts Captain Eva Coulton
Middle School Captains Reny Zhang
Ethan Simons
Middle School Vice Captains Alex Wragg
Bonnie Blinco
Caleb Mulcahy
Curriculum Jessica House
Reema Ababneh
Promotions and Fundraising Ava Bridger
Jordan Shenouda
Facilities and Environment Amelia Davidson
Jeremy Thai-Chan
House Captains: Senior School  

Liam Broad
Gabrielle Colquhoun


Dylan O’Neill
Michael Kelly 


Ulyana Biaroza
Amber Page
Isikeli Uluikavoro
Henry Lee


Isabella Sullivan
Tia Roberts
Thomas Wakelin
Oceana Palladino

House Captains: Middle School