Year 10 Enhanced English

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Fair is foul and foul is fair!

Monday, 25 February, a cold night, and the Year 10 Enhanced English students were out past their bedtimes. There was reason for this, as all of the students had gone into the city to watch the William Shakespeare play, ‘Macbeth’. After a 45 minute journey into the heart of Melbourne, we walked to the beautiful Botanical Gardens. We had all brought our picnic blankets and ‘quiet food’ and all settled down to watch the 2 hour play performed by the Australian Shakespeare Company.
Created in the times of James 1/V1 (England/Scotland), this play reminded people about the concepts of karma and not to mess with the king or otherwise unimaginable things will happen. The modernised version was short but to the point, emphasising more important details such as battles while involving that little bit of audience participation to make sure we didn’t go to sleep.
It provided us with the visual aid to help with our understanding of the text and the upcoming benchmark tasks involved with the play. In general, it was a lovely night out, accompanied by some curious bats and possums, watching a nice, peaceful play (except for all the murders) with friends.
The night concluded with some late night exercise (which had nothing to do with us being late for the train back) and a tired train journey back to Mordialloc. A huge thanks to the teachers for organising this opportunity for us students!

Written by Meike Berg & Thomas Clarke

Year 10 Enhanced English