The College is set in expansive and idyllic grounds and gardens.

Many areas of the College have undergone significant redevelopment providing outstanding resources to the College community.

These facilities include:

  • refurbished adaptable Year 7 and 8 learning spaces
  •  student wellbeing and international student facilities
  • the ICT/multimedia rich student resource hub
  • a technology-rich Discovery Centre for Science
  • a new Performing Arts building
  • a new PE/Sports Stadium and Physiology lab

There is also a senior study centre providing a dedicated area for VCE students.

Discovery Centre

This is a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art fully equipped Science building housing four technology-rich laboratories. Students from year 7 to 12 access the Centre to undertake a range of Science-related programs.


Students entering Year 7 will be required to have their own iPad. They will use them as they move through the Middle School.

Students in Years 10, 11 & 12 are expected to bring their own device.

Students should also be familiar with and adhere to the College’s PC/Internet Policy.

Please contact the Director of eLearning, Mr Justin Wischusen, for further information.

Digital projectors and/or flat-screen TV displays are available for use in every classroom across the College.