Principal: Michelle Roberts

Assistant Principal: Andrew Moffat
Assistant Principal: Marina Walsh
Assistant Principal: Tracey Bastin

Business Manager: Yvonne Aird

Director of Wellbeing and Counselling Services: Diane Douglas

Leading Teachers:

Director of Literacy Improvement: Andrew McConchie
Director of Numeracy Improvement: Julie Chambers 
Director of Senior School 10-12:  
Joanne Greenhalgh
Director of Middle School 7-9 (includes 6-7 transition):
Daniel Williams 
Director of Student Engagement: 
Sally Mitchell
Director of Pedagogy and Innovative (includes SEAL coordination):
Alice Leppin 
Director of eLearning /STEM:
Justin Wischusen
Instructional Coach Learning Specialist: Bryony Lowe / Amy Webber


Year Level Coordinators:

Year 7: Laura Gorman / Julia Hockey
Year 8: Michael Haber
Year 9: Simon Cummins
Year 10: Josie Stephens
Year 11: Aaron Davis
Year 12: Tim Randell
International Students: Jenny Tran

SEAL Coordinator: Alice Leppin

Careers Coordinator: Jane Jamieson (Middle School) / Emma White (Senior School)