Year Level Events So Far This Year

Our Year 7 Camp (Wednesday 5 February – Friday 7 February) at The Summit was a great success! We had 95% of the cohort attend which is magnificent. The camp was an opportunity for students to meet other students, make more friends, learn more about their peers and their teachers, all whilst participating in exciting and thrilling…


Positive Start

We have had a smooth start to the year, with Year 7 and 12 students commencing last Thursday to undertake a special program for these year levels; and then all students resumed on Friday 31st January. The first day for our Year 7 students involved rotations between ICT set up, developing their codes of cooperation,…


Principal’s Update

Dear Families, Students and Community Members, Welcome to the 2020 school year, and a special welcome to all of our Year 7 students and any new students at other year levels who either joined us during Headstart towards the end of last year or are joining us this year for the first time.  I hope everyone…


Year 9 Advance Surf Camp

From late shopping for food, packing clothes and waking up earlier than usual, to the exhausting mountain biking trail, run-swim-runs and surfing waves in kayaks and atop surfboards, the second of two Advance camps in 2019 provided us with a lot to remember going into our Surf Rescue Certificate exam on Monday, so let’s take…


ICAS Digital Technologies Award

Top Score in Victoria – ICAS Digital Technologies On Saturday 23 November, Jun Muta (from our 2019 Year 7 SEAL class) received an ICAS Medal for getting the top score in Victoria on the ICAS Digital Technologies Test. What an incredible achievement – Jun should be very proud of this outstanding result! On behalf of…


Sports Excellence Program (SEP)

We look forward to launching our Sports Excellence Program (SEP) next year for our 2020 Year 7 students who applied and have been successful in their application to participate in either the Netball, Basketball or AFL program within their Physical Education class time, and one before school class each week starting at 7.30am. We have…


Kingston Writers Festival

Earlier this term, I had the pleasure of accompanying some of our wonderfully articulate and creative Mordialloc students to participate in the Kingston Melbourne Writers festival. Students from most primary and secondary schools in the Kingston Network of schools collaboratively composed their own original narratives. These were shared on the day and consequently, they have…


Year 11 Mystery Tour

Year 11 Mystery Tour Last Friday signified the last official Year 11 day for this year’s cohort. After completing exams they were all ready to celebrate and have some fun on the traditional Year 11 Mystery Tour. Students did a great job dressing up. We had a real range of characters on show from Thing 1…


Hands on Learning program

Mordialloc College has been running the Hands on Learning program for two terms now. Our latest projects have been building outdoor furniture, such as tables and benches to sit at for lunch on nice days. We also have built a verandah so that we can work outside with a bit of protection from the weather….


Victorian Education Excellence Awards

It was certainly a huge honour to not only win the Outstanding Secondary Principal award but also the Lindsay Thompson Award for Excellence in Education. The awards ceremony for all finalists was on Friday October 25 in the city but I had elected to attend the Year 12 Valedictory dinner instead. They actually sent a film…